10 ways to “mosquear” your yoga teacher

10 ways to "mosquear" your yoga teacher
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10 ways to “mosquear” your yoga teacher

10 ways to “mosquear” your yoga teacher

I have been practicing yoga for over 15 years. The beginnings of my yoga practice were with my mother in the living room of the house, later attending different yoga centers and schools, where I got to know and practice different styles.

1) Be Impuntual

DO NOT. Arriving late to class, making a lot of noise and knocking hard on the door just in case someone has not heard you yet, even if the class started 10 minutes ago!

YES. Tip : Come early for the next class, so you will have time to get ready to go in the pleasant atmosphere of the room, leave the rush outside and keep quiet so as not to disturb your friends.

2) Pay the monthly fee

DO NOT. You’ve been attending yoga classes for 15 days at theyogaburnreviews.com and you have not yet paid for the sessions! You may be going through a difficult economic time and you may have difficulty coping with the payment.

YES. Tip : inform your teacher, he will understand and you will come to some solution; but perhaps you are a bit clueless or have a hard time “letting go” of the money, you should think that the yoga center you attend also has its expenses and that you have to face them every month: electricity, telephone, salaries, etc. Be responsible and think about the rest, pay your monthly installment within the time limit!

3) Speaking During Class

DO NOT. Talk to your friend throughout the class, thinking that everyone wants to know what you did on the weekend. If you want we can stop the class so we can all hear your fantastic stories!

YES. Tip : wait until the end of the class and after the yoga session you can go to lunch together to tell you everything you want, think that like other things do not care much what you do in your private life …

4) Do not Make Space for Others

DO NOT. Occupy with your mat the space of two or three people and defend your site above all else!

YES. Tip : there is room for everyone in the room, each student is free to occupy the space you most want, you are not the only person who will attend the session.

5) Corrections to your teacher

DO NOT. Correct the teacher by questioning how to teach the class, in front of the rest of the classmates.

YES. Tip : trust the person who gives the class, if you do it is because you are perfectly qualified for it. Perhaps you come from another style of yoga or school and the exercises and form of the class are different, then take the opportunity to advance your path and discover yoga asanas you do not know, and any questions ask your teacher at the end of the class, he will help you delighted.

6) Go for free in class

DO NOT. Do what you want in the class, without paying attention to the teacher’s directions and without respecting your classmates.

YES. Tip : I am in favor of changes in positions that work best for everyone, but within reason. Doing balancing postures while the rest of your classmates are doing the Sun Salutation is not very correct or pleasant for the rest of the class, it breaks the created harmony.

7) Trying to be the Teacher

DO NOT. Advanced students that as soon as the teacher of yoga is “dismissed”, do not lose the opportunity to remove the position.

YES. Tip : Close your eyes and enjoy the practice, you are attending the class as a student, you are not responsible for this class, respect the work of your teacher.

8) Eat chewing gum in class and laugh loose

DO NOT. Chewing gum in class, making bubbles and everything! and break the laugh when you see your colleagues do asanas you do not know.

YES. Tip : you better throw the gum because you will be very complicated asanas and pranayamas if you are chewing gum and especially if you are making noise will not be very pleasant for the rest of the class. Everyone has laughed at some time in yoga class, but from there to spend the whole class laughing …… it is not so funny for the rest, maybe you should go outside the class for a few minutes, take a breath and When you find yourself more relaxed, you return the class, everyone will thank you.

9) Eat garlic before class

DO NOT. Taking foods that leave a very strong breath, going very fragrant to the class or not having showered and smelling sweat are ways to get anyone to put your mat to your side during the yoga class.

YES. Tip : avoid eating a few hours before practicing yoga, and if you do it better be fruits, juices, infusions, etc., avoid strong perfumes and try to go clean and neat when you go to a yoga practice.

10) Do not Worry About Others

DO NOT. Pass olympically from the others and from the room.

YES. Tip : pay attention and keep in mind that although the practice of yoga is personal, you are not the only person in the room, respect the environment and take care of the environment. Among all we got a harmonic and very nice yoga practice.

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