Bose OE2 – mobile music has never been so enjoyable

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Bose OE2 – mobile music has never been so enjoyable

The company Bose, known for its high-quality noise cancelling headphones in the field of audio technology, not so long ago presented to the court music lovers two models of headphones – OE2 and OE2i. The difference between the standard version and the “i” is a detachable cable with PU for iPhone and built-in microphone, which allows the overhead headphones to work as a headset. In the rest the models of this series are completely identical, which allows using any of them with equal success. Also OE2 are equipped with a stereo adapter that allows you to connect the device to your home audio system. The entire series of headphones is equipped with proprietary technology TriPort, which allows you to achieve incredibly clear and detailed sound of your favorite tracklist with a small mass of the device.

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Design, comfort and appearance

Traditionally, the design of Bose headphones is made in a smooth, calm manner, which, by the way, emphasizes the peculiarity of its sound.

The product is completed with high-quality plastic, from which are made light gray rims of the ear-cups, stylized for aluminum.

The main part of the headband is made, depending on the model, in a white or black color palette. The headband is trimmed from above with real leather, inside – a cloth and can be adjusted along the length by means of steel strips with guides and comb comb.

The ear pads are made from foam with a “memory effect”, which ensures a tight fit of the ears, fixing their shape without excessive pressure on the head.

“Cups” of headphones have two degrees of freedom – tilt and turn.

Fold best noise cancelling cheap headphones can be using hinged mechanisms, which are securely fixed in the folded state. The folded device easily climbs inside the cover, which comes with new headphones along with a detachable cable.

The inner cavity of the cover is made of soft and fleecy material. Thus, the ergonomics and build quality of the OE2 is at a high level, which allows you to avoid irritation and fatigue from the headphones with prolonged use, and you can use the headphones safely not only at home, but also on trips, as they are designed for years of operation. In addition, the audio device works with virtually any gadgets that have a standard 3.5 JACK connector.

Quality of sound, features, nuances

As already mentioned, the Bose OE2 series uses the original acoustic design technology – TriPort, which makes it possible to reproduce excellent low-frequency sound with low weight and size of headphones.

This design allows you to optimize low frequencies so that you do not have to use the artificial low-frequency amplification feature of most portable devices.

The final sound quality on all models of the series is very balanced without dominating frequencies with a clean detailed sound character. With equal success headphones show themselves when playing vigorous rock compositions, and leisurely instrumental tracks. Even deep bass reproduced with incredible clarity, while not irritating the boom.

As a result, the sound profile will be liked by those who appreciate the dimensionality and balance of sound, and also has a versatile musical taste.


So, having considered Bose OE2 to trifles, we have only one conclusion – these overhead headphones fully justify their brand and their value. Actually, every product from Bose is worthy of respect, and the OE2 series is no exception, being sound and comfortable noise cancelling headphones with a balanced sound profile, which are distinguished by excellent ergonomics, mobility and ease.


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