It is not easy to be a dog

It is not easy to be a dog
Alexa Gibson      -

It is not easy to be a dog

Educate a dog…

you don’t expect that you make a mistake, for then to correct him.
That creates frustration and fear in the dog.

To educate is to avoid that the dog commits errors and while praise is well behaved.

All who have dog have taken him home hoping to be a companion of for life, and that you follow our steps, we go where we go. A faithful companion that we understand when we have stress or when we are sad and that adapts to any situation of our everyday life.

What many do not know: we all have the best dog in the world!

I wonder: why many education of your dog so complicated?

Everyone make mistakes and then give us says that the dog was well under way and already knew almost everything before us.

Let’s start with the education of the puppy:

A dog bred their pups in a safe place. They can move freely, play, learn and only have to follow a few clear rules established by the mother.

When the puppy comes to our House, his life changes drastically. Suddenly there are hundreds of taboos.

The skin of cow bones are to play, but chew shoes design (of the same material) causes a cry of indignation and a NO! very strong owner.

I very much doubt that a few weeks old puppy be able to understand the difference between a bone and a leather shoe.

While he was with his brothers and his mother, pee in the room where they lived was OK, to change pee in the living room of their new House causes a punishment produced by the owner.

Playing in the litter, the puppy learned to ‘win’ a toy and take it running. He defended it growling at any of their brethren who came to remove it.

If you do the same with its new owner, as this approach to remove the dishcloth the ending of ‘winning’, is accused of being aggressive and dominant.

Of course we must teach our dog from the beginning our rules and that we are going to establish limits. A dog should ignore us and respect us, should know that we take decisions.

But is it necessary to punish the dog for doing certain things? No! It is not necessary that the puppy has bad experiences associated with us.

If we have a toddler at home, it is clear that reach shelves are empty, the cabinets are closed and that there is nothing on the ground that could be dangerous for the child.

If you remove the puppy soiled sock for tenth time, and we get angry with him, the only thing they learn this is that, to find something fascinating, we must have very secure – since the only way you need to discover new things is to do it behind our backs.

Who doesn’t know the dog that happens to us running at full speed, with some hanging from his mouth?

And to hear us – already slightly irritated – to say: ‘What you have there?’, flees and hides in a far corner.

And then?

Just get the puppy to a secure site with your new discovery, are we going behind him, took him under the couch and take their ‘treasure’. Then, for the puppy, will be how the end of the world.

He had overcome their fear, had approached a threatening object, and be scolds him for his ‘spirit of conqueror’. To fill this, fleeing – fearing – to a safe place, he is punished for his behavior.

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