Pakistani Dramas Online And Pakistani Media Entertainment

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Pakistani Dramas Online And Pakistani Media Entertainment


Pakistani Desi Dramas online,Urdu Online Pakistani Dramas by PTV, GEO TV, ARY Digital, HUM TV, A Plus TV and various other Desi Dramas online.Pakistani Morning Shows and Siyasi Talk Shows. Where radio and television programme production business bodies produce online dramas, microfilms and other such online audiovisual products, and the product content violates relevant radio and television regulations, the controlling department imposes punishment according to the Radio and Television Management Regulations”, the Radio and Television Programme Production Management Regulations” and other such relevant regulations.

The Supplementary Notice” requires that all localities’ administrative press, publications, radio, film and television departments strengthen management over rishta likhenge hum naya radio and television production and business bodies, launch focused training for main creative personnel producing online dramas, microfilms and other such online audiovisual programmes, strengthen management over online drama and microfilm theme selection, and guarantee that the selected topics are positive, healthy and upward.

Internet audiovisual programme service work units can only transmit online dramas, microfilms and other such online audiovisual programmes uploaded by individuals after verifying their real identity information and where they conform to content management regulations, they may not transmit this sort of programmes uploaded by users not using their real names.

To optimize the structure of television series, China Central Television, provincial satellite stations, and major online platforms were asked to designate prime time to include content on revolution and military themes or rural and ethnic minority life.

ARY Digital has aired hundreds of famous dramas like Dil Lagi, Dusri Biwi, , Sun Yara, Daagh, Main Mehru Hoon, Rang Laga, Kuch Piyaar Ka Pagal Pan, Mehmoodabad Ki Malkayeen, Neeyat, Khushi Ik Rog, Meri Beti, Thakaan, Ishq Parast, Dareecha, Asmanoon Pey Likha, Bay Qasoor, Ume Kulsum, Main, Chaand Si, Main Bushra, Koi ni Apna, khoat, Bharoosa, Bey khudi, Shiza, Shaadi Mubarik, Mubarak Ho Beti Howi Hai, Zindaan, Zakham, Tumharay Hain,Rasm e Duniya, and many others.

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