Translators rates depending on the language Pair

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Translators rates depending on the language Pair

As for hourly rates, every translator has its rhythm. More experienced translators tend to translate faster, while less experienced translators will take longer. In the interests of transparency and budget, establish a price per translated word is a far more reliable way to ensure fair and accurate Chinese translation prices.

Rates depending on the complexity of the source text

The final price of the project also depends on the level of complexity of each document. For example, a business letter generic (in the absence of technical terms) will be priced lower than a patent technician, a medical text, a legal contract, a pharmaceutical document or a manual for software. A generic letter will be available at the lowest price applicable for each word, while complex legal documents and highly specialized texts will have a higher price.

The combinations (or couples) language skills are an important factor in calculating the cost of a translation. Western European languages tend to be cheaper, while the translations of Asian languages have higher rates, due to the complexity of alphabetic characters and the limited number of quality language resources.

Optimized costs and guaranteed

Another key component for pricing affects delivery times. A perfect planning and, especially, the time required to align resources allows us to deliver large translations at the most competitive rates in the entire market.

Fee for urgent translations fast or

A job that has to be delivered within a shorter time can cost up to 15% more than our regular rates. To cope with this potential fee, we will help you always, dedicating the staff and resources required to manage your projects.

Our agency will work with your team to establish a delivery program that allows you to maximize quality and minimize translation costs. It is one of the first items discussed in order to proceed with the project budget. If necessary, we will deliver the projects continuously, giving priority to the delivery of the most important documents.

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